Why Support Us?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

I admit, it does seem odd, a private business start up asking for money! So we thought it only right to explain why we need funding and how you can help!

The National Trust does an awesome job, responsible for the fabric of the buildings and contents of historical properties under its care. But as a tenancy it's slightly different. As a start up, the Trust is responsible for the building and we have to add everything else, contents, kitchen, loos, stock etc In addition being a small pub, with no expansion possibilities (due to protection orders)

tenants won’t invest in these public spaces, so it’s always lacking investment and has a roller coaster existence. We have some generous local business support to get open and now need local, community, ale lovers, heritage enthusiasts, country dog walkers, passionate pub goers, classic car drivers - literally anyone else who’s passionate to support and invest is these areas and secure the future of great places to enjoy, relax, eat and drink. So if that sounds like you then just £10 makes a difference and secures the future of these endangered community and social spaces. It’s not about a commercial enterprise making big bucks, it’s about protecting these spaces, keeping a village alive, preserving history and maintaining local employment opportunities. Any support is welcome. No one ever became poor from giving. If you share our vision DONATE

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