5 point WEBSITE check for Start Up's

So you're in business and you have a website, here's a quick health check for your site and there's no hard and fast rules.

1. Call to action!

I'm a customer, I've found you, I like what you do, now I want to order, book, visit or meet you etc. How do I make contact? Are your contact details visible immediately I've made that decision? I agree, not all business want to have direct contact, but so many even forget this first principle and are losing customers. Also is this available on every page?

2. Email Forms

So I like your product and now I am filling in a lengthy form, when I'd rather just click on a email link (or cut and paste) and open an email and send you my request. The next generation hate filling in forms, they want it instant, so think about your target audience. Ok you might want to avoid spam, but you also don't want to miss customers, so make it easy for them.

3. Directions

So many business websites avoid putting in directions or even a location address. Firstly if you are a retail outlet, restaurant etc. that need to attract customers to your location, then having a map or location visible on landing pages is essential. Most people are using mobile devices now and want to click on a link that opens a map and bingo they are on their way to you. Secondly, I rarely trust a website that does not show me a fixed business address, even a mail order site. Thirdly, sometimes I want to do business with local companies, so I want to check the address.

4. Social Links

I love your site, I want to know more! Most websites are rarely updated and so they rely on the social feed to add content and updates etc. using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so can I easily find these links? The best place for social links is in your header bar, so it appears on every page.

5. Mobile Ready

Is your site mobile friendly? 60% and growing, is the number of people using a mobile or tablet device to search the internet. If you're a small businesses you might want to consider designing and managing your own website using an online platform like Wix and no I was not sponsored to say that. I'll blog about self managed websites soon. The benefits are huge as you can add and change content as your business grows and it won't cost you fancy designer fees.

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